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Horrible Day. Can anybody relate?

Last post 12-24-2018, 5:17 AM by AnnaPoll. 4 replies.
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  •  10-23-2008, 3:04 PM 101381

    Horrible Day. Can anybody relate?

    My school is one of the districts that Hurricane Ike caused problems to.  We were out a couple of weeks, and then our district decided to start even though the elementary school had no electric.  We were shuffled around the district for a couple weeks.  When we come back to school, the teachers start getting sick.  we are told a week later that the walls have moisture in them, but no mold.  We had a teacher on our team resign because of her health, she had an asthma attack in her room partly because of the musty smell.  2 days ago, one of our teacher's went home sick and was out yesterday.  yesterday, another teacher went home sick and I had to leave early for a doctor's appointment.  I told my principal that I WAS going to be back the next day. 

    I got to school this morning and found out that she had gotten a sub for our grade level because she figured one of us would be sick and have to go home.  We all told her we were fine.  I told her about what the dr said about my headache being caused by the stress of being moved around the district and 2 deaths in my family in a month along with allergies so she told me to go home that the sub would take over for me.  I spent some time working in my room, even with the sub there, trying to get things re-organized especially since I can't do it afterschool since we tutor 2 days a week, and it is STRONGLY suggested that we do this...and have meetings on 2 of the other days.  Plus having to plan, grade, etc.  Anyway, before I left, I was asking about one of my students since we were supposed to have a meeting on him and since I HAD to go home, should I do a write-up on him about what is going on in the room.  I was told no because his whole problem was just his medicine.  That he needed a prescription increase.  (This student bit a student yesterday and before that he yells at people when he gets frustrated).  I was also told that I needed to be real careful about what I said and what central office found out about me because I was on probation and she would hate to meet with me in March and tell me that I am not up for renewal because of my health.  (I have had previous back injuries).  She told me that I would be non-renewed for any little thing that I did that shouldn't be done, including crying in front of my class because of my grief.  Crying  She has even moved kids into my classroom that are giving other teacher's problems. <sigh>

    I also got repremanded in front of the students because a student was frustrated with copying his spelling words.  I was told that my writing was crooked and not showing good penmanship, definately not a good example for the students.  To give you a little run-dwon on what happened, he wouldn't write his words, I went over to help him, he told me he couldn't do it.  I asked him just to try and if he was having problems I would help.  he kicked his supply box across the room, then threw his water bottle, almost hitting another student.  She talked to him and told me loud enough for the class to hear that he didn't think that I understood him. 

    I'm not sure what to do about this.  I feel that I was basically threatened and she definately put more stress on my plate.  Which I already told her why I had a headache.  Any suggestions on what I should do and how I should deal with this.  I don't want to lose my job, but I am definately thinking of looking somewhere else for next year even though this is my first year back after a 2 yr break from back problems.

  •  10-25-2008, 11:42 PM 102114 in reply to 101381

    Re: Horrible Day. Can anybody relate?

    I thought I had some difficulties, but your story put all of my issues into perspective.  I wish you luck and hope that things work out for you :-)
  •  10-28-2008, 10:23 PM 102869 in reply to 101381

    Re: Horrible Day. Can anybody relate?

    I know the prospect of leaving your job can be scary, but life is too long to be miserable. Find some training and set yourself on a path to get out of your school. You don't deserve to jepordize your physical and mental health. You can do it! Check to see if grief counseling is available, it should be covered by your health insurance.
  •  05-30-2016, 5:40 AM 898122 in reply to 101381

    Re: Horrible Day. Can anybody relate?

    You clearly should consider quitting your job. This isn’t the end of the world. You’ll make it elswhere :)

  •  12-24-2018, 5:17 AM 911170 in reply to 101381

    Re: Horrible Day. Can anybody relate?

    Everyone sometimes has terrible days and it must be somehow tolerated. I personally helps to cope with any life fails quality hemp oil. I just drink it by the book, and you can say that no one can get me out of my mind.
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